is also offering night fishing for sea trout.
Why not combine a summer vacation on Bornholm with one of our night trips? With this type of fishing, nature and animal life are experienced more intensely than during daylight hours.

During the summer months, June, July, August and September, when the water temperature exceeds 15 degrees Celsius (approx. 60 ° Fahrenheit), the sea trout move toward deeper and colder water. This doesn’t change the fact that the sea trout, which is a coastal fish, seeks the shore and the rocky reefs in its search for prey. Every year, beautiful, well-nourished fish are caught during the light, northern, summer nights.

The price for 1-5 persons is 1400.00 DKK.
Guiding for about 6 hours.
Meeting time and place are agreed upon in advance.

For information about tackle and safety click here
We’ll be seeing you for a fishing experience beyond the ordinary !

Torben H. Petersen
+ 45 24 65 49 97