If you like fishing for sea trout, Bornholm is the place to do it.
Here you will find a strong, naturally reproducing population of sea trout that provides for lots of great fights and catches every year.

On top of this, you get a unique nature experience, because Bornholm has incredibly beautiful and diverse landscapes:
- towards the south, flat sand beaches, broken only by good sea trout habitat like spits and points;
- towards the north, the beautiful and rugged, rocky coast with lots of fishing possibilities;
- and to the west and east, a mixture of it all!

All in all, exactly what calls for a clash with a sea trout!

The best of all, though, is that no matter how the weather behaves, it’s always possible to fish from one of the island’s four sides. And with our years of experience and special knowledege about the local conditions, your chances of an encounter with a sea trout will be increased considerably.

Torben Petersen offer to guide you around Bornholm’s coast on the lookout for sea trout with flies or spinners. Each trip is arranged to suit wind and weather, based on many years of experience. No one can guarantee a catch, but even so...